Lost without my poolmate

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Are you lost without your PoolMate?

We get so many swimmers saying they are completely lost if they forget to take their PoolMate to the pool. I know I am, it’s surprising how much of an effort it is to remember your lap count when you are used to the PoolMate doing it for you.

To celebrate our new website we are looking for some special people to be a case study for our website.

You get a FREE T Shirt and exclusive discounts for you and 5 of your friends

Just email us at info@swimovate.com with the subject CASE STUDY and how your PoolMate has helped you.

I want to be a case study

If successful we will email you back with a few questions and ask for your best swimming related photo. When we get the answers and photo we will send you your goodies!

It’s been 8 1/2 years since we launched the first PoolMate and we have users of all ages all over the world. We’ve a lot planned for this year so sign up for our mailing list or follow us on twitter or facebook to keep in touch.