Our web-based logging platform MYPOOLMATE.COM

1, You just need to install our mypoolmatelink app for your computer
2, Create an account at then you can upload your swim data to the web so you can view it anytime, anywhere.

(We are working to update our documentation and your user manual may not yet show instructions for this software but you can find out everything you need to know at

MYPOOLMATELINK For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, V1.1 released 23-09-16

Usually the pod drivers are installed automatically after running the installer but sometimes this doesn’t always happen. When running the software and you see the message “Please plug pod in” even when it is plugged in you need to manually install the drivers. Here are instructions

MYPOOLMATELINK For OS X 10.9 upwards (including Catalina)

(Please do not use Firefox to download the installer as it does not support the file type)

If you are having issues with the USB pod not being recognised please try the following steps:
1. Quit MyPoolMateLink if running and remove the USB pod from your computer.
3. Reboot your computer
5. Plug the USB pod back in (make sure you’re not plugging into a hub but directly into a port on the computer) and run MyPoolMateLink from your Applications directory.
If you still have problems, you can also try other USB ports on your computer It is a good idea to reboot between each USB port change.
If you have another USB cable from another device such as a printer, try swapping the cable.

Note: If you have an older PoolMatePro with no version number on the back of your pod this will not work with this software, sorry.

If your pod says Plug in Pod even when it’s plugged in please follow these instructions
PC Manual install
MAC troubleshooting

If you need help installing we can log on remotely to your computer and do it for you. Please contact us by email at to arrange a suitable time (usually between 10am and 6pm UK time), plug in your pod and click on the button below to download our TeamViewer remote support module. Once it has downloaded locate it in your downloads folder and run it. You will get a Partner ID you need to give us so we can access your machine. This is safe and secure, we can only see your machine when you have the application running and send us the ID number, we cannot access it at any other time.

Previous user?

Want to download our older standalone PoolMateProV2 software, you can get that here.


Mac For OS up to 10.14

Firmware upgrade -PoolMateLive or HR firmware update instructions.

  • Connect the watch to the download clip, plug it into your computer and open the mypoolmatelink software.
  • Download the latest firmware here (make sure you have the correct one for your model of watch).

PoolMateLive- PM3app320c.bin

PoolMateHR- PMhr121c.bin

  • Click the Watch Setup button and you will get the setup window appear.
  • Click the “Other” tab and click the Firmware Update button in the bottom right.
  • A message box will appear prompting for the software, select the firmware file you just downloaded. The Update Progress window will appear.

****It is very important not to remove the watch from the pod during the upgrade process or the watch may have to be returned to Swimovate for factory reprogramming****

Congratulations, you have now upgraded your watch.