Know your speed and distance in the pool and open water.

Swimming in an endless pool or swim spa- all our watches will work for you too!

Swimming tethered? No problem, PoolMates are the watch for you.


  • Our best selling watch


  • Syncs to PC. Mac, Android


  • Premium design, great metrics

We know what swimmers want, PoolMates are designed specifically for swimmers to track all parts of your swims. We’ve been making them for 10 years, we have tons of experience and the largest range on the market.

Some brands add swim functions as an afterthought or add on to their products, we aren’t like that, we put swimmers first.

  • Laps, strokes, distance, speed, calories, duration, efficiency and more.

  • Pools, open water, endless pools, tethered swimming.

How swimming with a PoolMate can help

As any swimmer knows, it’s easy to forget your lap count when concentrating on technique or if the mind wanders!

PoolMates don’t just count your laps though, they track your stroke count, distance, speed, calories, times and efficiency, and store that data for later analysis. This can help you maximize efficiency when in the pool by being able to focus more on each stroke and less on counting laps.

As each swim session is recorded on the watch and downloadable (in the case of the PoolMatePlus, Live and HR models), there is an added incentive to keep up the effort. No one wants to have a poor session staring them in the face each time they view their data- so PoolMates can help keep you focused and your training on track. If you struggle with motivation in the pool PoolMates can make a huge difference to your swimming. It’s easy to see if you are tiring as you complete a multi-set session and see how your efficiency is compromised. You can also time rest periods between swim sets on the watch rather than using the pace clock on the pool wall- a great help for the short sighted amongst us!